A popular eatery for those wandering through the streets of Shibuya with a burrito craving. You know which cravings I’m talking about. You want strong and generous liquors, crunchy and greasy fried sides of jalapeños and avocados, extra hot sauce, and heck, why not just deep fry the whole tortilla shell on your burrito while we’re at it?

Hideout is your spot. While not the healthiest vegan food on the planet, the fare here is as tasty as they come. They even separate their cooking utensils for meat and non-meat foods which shows their attention to detail is on target to offer the best service catering to vegan eaters. In addition to the food, the free wifi and the bar games like darts make this a fun spot spend your evenings.

Mojito night!
See this deep fried burrito
Jalapeño bottle caps: deep-fried jalapeño slices and avocado with agave and mustard dipping sauce
If you love hot sauce, Hideout has got you covered! They have a whole shelf full, so select your fire of choice. These are our favorites.

Price Range: ¥¥

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