This cute vegan ramen joint in Harajuku is as quirky as their service is quick. The bright pink flamingo theme will put you in a playful mood to enjoy a unique bowl of ramen, from an avocado Abura soba to a Sichuan style spicy ramen topped with soy cheese! Tuck into their narrow shop and grab the combo set to try a bit of everything. Whether you’re in a sweet or savory mood, Chipoon has you covered!

Special vegan ramen with seasonal vegetables
Boiled veggie dumplings
Sichuan style vegan spicy ramen with soy cheese. Spicy miso base with chili and green pepper in the mix.
It’s almost like a French onion soup
Sweet black sesame balls with osmanthus aroma
Maple almond flavored pudding
Chipoon cinnamon churros!

Price Range: ¥¥

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