Komeda is

The name of this cafe leaves you in suspense. Yet, why not fill in the blank and decide for yourself? Komeda is delicious. Komeda is … a great choice for any meal of the day.

The booth-like dining spaces with tablets limit contact between diners and staff, giving everyone their desired space. The ceilings are high, the space is airy with big, bright windows, and and at any time you can usually spot at least a couple of people with laptops. It’s an easygoing place that tries its best to bring the outdoors indoors with some success.

Focused on the sustainability factor of plant-based food, it’s no wonder that even the decor has been upcycled from nature. Recycled wood tree sculptures, wall coloring made from coffee grounds and volcanic ash, and pendant lights made from recycled glass bottles – it all makes for the perfect backdrop for a sustainable plant-based meal.

(above) Pancakes made with wheat flour and rice flour for a firm and bouncy texture
(top) Soy meat lemon sandwich: the consistency is very close to meat, almost marbling a bit
The freshest fruit
Tartar Wasabi Burger – notice the sheet of seaweed at the base. How unique!
Deep frying the patty and putting it on shredded lettuce gives this burger a special crunch
Fritters and Potatoes – The tofu fritters are soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside while the fries are coated in rice flour which gives it an extra starchy crunchiness
Green onion salt sauce
Avo burger with mayo
Classic potato salad with corn and peppers
The salad comes with sesame dressing which adds a certain saltiness and umami, but it’s also perfect without it
Mochiri Matcha

Price Range: ¥¥

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