If you’re going to try Hiroshima style Okonomiyake, do it right at Nagataya! This popular restaurant has a clearly labeled menu in both Japanese and English and they are careful to give you delicious plant-based sauces to go with your meal.

Hiroshima style okinomiyake is different from its Osaka style counterpart in that it’s made with layers of noodles on top of the vegetable filled batter. At Nagataya, it’s cooked on top of searing hot cooktop either at your private table or at the chef’s bar. Get ready to be blown away by this filling and flavorful local delicacy!

Rice cake, corn, garlic chips, green onion, soba
Shiso, Green Onion, Soba
Spicy sauce and red veggie okonomiyake sauce
Hiroshima is well known for its lemons, so try this local favorite

Don’t know how to eat with the hera (spatula) like the locals? Nagataya provides a guide for the uninitiated:

Price Range: ¥¥

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