Raw Food Cafe Lohas

Eating here really gave us insight into how tasty, beautiful, and creative raw cooking can be. Being raw, they do cook the food, however, all ingredients are cooked under 48 degrees centigrade as to preserve all the macrobiotics. It truly felt like an energizing and clean meal, despite the loads of desserts we consumed.

The sushi is made from mostly nuts and veggies, not rice. As a result, the sushi was crunchy/grainy with hints of sesame.
A light chai latte. Really though, it tastes like…Christmas?
You can taste the tart goji berries in this shake. Yum.
The rice with the beans and seaweed came together for a nice earthy taste
Bite sized chocolate cake that came with the meal set. It had a chewy base with a mousse like texture.
This marbled blueberry cake really…takes the cake..
The berry doughnut was made from coconut, with dehydrated strawberries and strawberry frosting
The texture was pleasantly chewy and tasted like actual fruit. Once you’ve tasted artificial ‘strawberry’ you’re thankful when you eat something naturally flavored.

Price Range: ¥¥

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