Parco della Pace

We all could use a little more peace in our lives – peace on Earth, peace of mind, and on most days, a piece of delicious pizza. Parco della Pace delivers on all fronts. Aside from their tranquil location across from the Peace Memorial Park, they have an extensive menu for vegans and vegetarians.

The friendly couple who owns the restaurant can be seen buzzing between the tables of chatty regulars and the Italian woodfire oven in plain view. Their openness to welcome all visitors and make them feel like old friends adds to the charm. They also have an extensive book to remember the many guests from across the world. What better way to spend an afternoon?

Quattro Funghi: maitake, eringi, enoki, and shimeji mushrooms with garlic olive oil
Marinara special: garlic, oregano, olives, basil, and capers
Homemade limoncello with Hiroshima’s famed lemons

Price Range: ¥¥

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