Vegan Izakaya Masaka

Izakaya culture goes way back to the Edo period in Japan, when people would be served snacks and small dishes to go along with their sake. Today, you can think of an Izakaya as a Japanese pub, great for after-work drinks and sharing small plates of food with a lively group of friends.

Unfortunately, most izakayas, even in Tokyo, aren’t vegan-friendly, but with Vegan Izakaya Masaka in town, know that times are changing. Set on the lower level of Shibuya Parco, the space is simple and the ordering process is straightforward. Nomihodai (all you can drink) lasts as long as the ice in your drink, but if you must order another, the drinks are still quite affordable. The karaage they make is real the star of the show for its taste and incredible texture. They even offer delivery if you want to bring the party home.

The texture of the karaage is perfect
Seasoned potatoes
Deep fried tofu in sesame chili sauce
Seared Gyozas
Lunch box set
Fried potato wedges in spicy chili salt
Basil Sorbet
Plum sour

Price Range: ¥¥

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