Por Siempre Vegana II

The street in front of Por Siempre Vegana II is often buzzing with people waiting for a table at one of the best places in town for vegan tacos and tortas. A bite into anything on the menu will set you off on a journey into a flavor-filled world. Tacos, tortillas, desserts, big sharing plates, and even a vertical grill for tacos al pastor (pineapple included!) They have a full menu with options for everyone and they serve up mouthwatering food at affordable prices. Sometimes I wonder why I don’t live upstairs.

Do you know why it’s the second Por Siempre Vegana? Because the first one is a very successful kiosk around the corner. Looks like too much of a good thing is an awesome thing. Either spot is a must-experience when in Mexico City. ¡Buen provecho!

Price Range: $

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