Japanese cuisine is known for its healthy and delicious dishes. In the summertime, many Japanese people enjoy cold noodles called “Reimen” at a variety of restaurants found throughout Tokyo. One popular place to enjoy this dish is Tsurushiko by Shibuya Station, which has a plethora of options for different tastes and preferences.

Cold reimen or hot onmen originates from the Iwate prefecture and is refreshing any time of the year. The soy milk soup base is a nutritious ingredient that has been linked many health benefits such as reducing high cholesterol levels and improving skin health. Not only is it good for the body, but the chewy noodles in this dish are so tasty and a beautiful canvas for colorful fresh toppings!

Avocado Reimen Cold Noodle Soup – a creative mix that’s perfect for those hot days. Avocado, veggies, and soy milk broth with truffle oil.
Onmen with hot and spicy bamboo shoots – an addictive choice with soy milk, spicy miso, leeks, bamboo, and cayenne.
Vegan fried ‘chicken’ Karaage
Vegetable Onmen Ramen – Shitake, maitake, and enoki mushroom

Price Range: ¥¥

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