Salam at Eat Play Works

For a satisfying spread of modern Middle Eastern fare exploding with flavor, check out Salam on the first floor of Eat Play Works. The eatery is in a cozy corner among 17 other distinct international restaurants spread over two expansive floors. Despite the liveliness, the staff were calm and attentive while preparing our dishes like works of art. Light, filling, and meticulously seasoned, a meal at Salam will not disappoint.

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Meze plate
“Batata Harra”, spiced Lebanese fried potatoes
Spiced lentil soup, soy yogurt, lime mustard & sunflower seeds
Edamame falafel, beet hummus, black tahini sauce
Eggplant, tomato & red pepper stewed “matbucha”
Spiced “Jeweled rice” apricots, raisins, almonds & pistachio
Dark chocolate – orange mousse & almonds
Rose water limade

Price Range: ¥¥

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