Ain Soph: Journey – Kyoto

Just off Teramachi, where people go to shop ’til they drop, lies this cozy vegan restaurant offering up tasty eats and a place to rest your shopping bags.

The ‘Journey’ restaurants are usually what most would consider the ‘fancy’ Ain Soph locations. This one is great for an intimate dinner date or a small lunch between friends post-shopping-spree. They serve dishes across the spectrum, from palak paneers to Japanese curries – though the chain is most revered for their American fare and desserts, which honestly could be a meal on their own.

At this location, they leveled up their fry game to incorporate chili cheese fries on their menu. And of course we had to try their OG cheese burger too – both were cheesy, delightful, and saucy. All great qualities for your food and your closest associates.

New Chili Cheese Fries

Price Range: ¥¥

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