Ain Soph: Ripple – Tokyo

Update: Permanently Closed 🙁

To let you know how much we like this Ain Soph location, we’ve come back numerous times to try everything and there’s really nothing we don’t like. Each of the dishes are their own unique combination of crisp, flavorful, and chewy. The cheese, whether on the burger or fries, has a nice light consistency. Altogether, the toppings and sauces work together beautifully.

The food here is consistently good and the vibe is casual and relaxed with a big communal table in the middle of the small restaurant for about 10 people. The service is fast and they don’t make you wait long for your greatly anticipated meal. They even offer their food to-go if you’re in a rush along with a number of goodies like their signature tiramisu or healthy cookies.

Again, everything is vegan, everything is amazing. Run, don’t walk to this establishment. It will exceed your expectations.

(above) The Ripple Cheese Burger – a vegan patty made with cheese, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, onion, and aurora sauce (a pinkish sauce using tomato and mayo)
(top) Falafel Burger – crunchy falafel, hummus, lettuce, tomato, vegan sour cream
An enjoyed falafel burger
What’s a burger without a side of fries? These were soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.
A nice thick corn soup
Crispy Soy Chicken Burger – soy chicken, cabbage, and an amazing tartar sauce
A luscious brownie topped with nuts, caramel, and your choice of ice cream – choose wisely!

Price Range: ¥¥

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