At Asperges in Biei, they take great pride in locally sourced food. And why wouldn’t they be proud? The ingredients from this area are very rich indeed.

This is not your simple everyday meal spot, though wouldn’t we all love to eat like this all the time? Asperges is for the special nights when you want your food to look like a plate of cultured modern art yet taste like the best parts of the wilderness. Indulge yourself in the finer things and enjoy the taste of these local delights!

The bread is made from wheat from Biei. Served on a log and fir branches, this first course is put on quite an appropriate pedestal.
A delectable potato roll
20 different vegetables on a plate, all from Biei. What an intricate dish! The lemon jam on the side complimented each vegetable in a distinct way.
Would this Biei dish really be complete without something lavender?
The tastiest locally-grown potatoes served with fried, crispy onions.
This broccoli in broccoli puree is not one bit ‘too much’ broccoli
Loved the meadow-like presentation of this ratatouille. The Chinese chive on top is a great Asian twist on a French classic.
Ratatouille topped with savory stewed onion.
Can you believe tomatoes were the dessert?
This is a tomato compote in a nice light syrup. Chilled and topped with mint, it was almost like having a sorbet!
Gooseberry with chocolate covered beans. They almost have the consistency of raisins. Not too sweet, but definitely not bland.

Price Range: ¥¥¥ – Call ahead for vegan menu

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