Tudore Tranquility

As someone who enjoys cooking and exploring food from chefs around the world, it was enlightening to hear the philosophy behind self-taught chef and owner, Mamta Reid’s desire to cook. She embodies the concept of transferring your energy and intention through the food you cook to those who consume your meal.

Mamta has meticulously evolved her creations into prix-fixe menus which are pleasing to both the eye and the palate. Using fresh local ingredients, each dish is created with you in mind. Every ingredient in the 8-course dinner is personalized to your preferences and diet.

We felt as if were were at a (very elegant) friend’s house from the start. Mamta came out with each course to acquaint us with the ingredients and vision behind every dish. Throughout the meal, she checked in often, discussed fun food pairings, and even shared some recipes.

Colorful, imaginative, heartfelt, and nutritional. Watching her present her symphony of vegetables, we couldn’t help but be moved to think differently about the art of cooking.

Tudore Tranquility is not just any upscale establishment. This extraordinary chef puts a lot of passion and energy into her creations, and it shows.

Smoky Hot: Roasted Red Capsicum and Fresh Mint Soup with a Baked Chickpea Cube
Celebration: Assorted Vegetable and Herb Salad
Awesome: Eggplant, Edamame, and Green Peas served with Hemp Seeds and Flat Bread
Pure: Cucumber, Ginger and Coconut Water
Vivacious: Marinated Mozzarella Cheese with Fresh Herbs, Feta and Dehydrated Strawberry
Peaceful: Black Quinoa with Parmesan, Tarragon, and Grapefruit
Minty Hot: Peppermint Tea
Beautiful: Basil Ice Cream served on an Apple Tofu Crumble
Dazzling: Cashew Clove Cream Cake with Fresh Fruit
Gold leafed chocolate

Price Range: ¥¥¥¥

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