Dining at Kitotoki feels like dining in a private treehouse sanctuary. Located in the owner’s home, the restaurant is reservation-only and focuses on organic home-grown vegetables. Everything is delicious and fresh, with all dishes made by the owner including the miso and desserts. You’ll get to try everything, as all guests receive a set menu. For the health conscious and for anyone who appreciates the finest nature has to offer, Kitotoki will not disappoint.

*Marked vegan-friendly due to honey being used for the tea – but you can always clarify and have it without. Other than that, the set meal is completely animal-product free.

Panko deep fried tofu
Crunchy green salad topped with fennel and seeds
Pickled onion, daikon, and mushroom
Leeks with sauce
Carrot and burdock in a sesame tangy sauce
Fermented drink/unfiltered sake
Japanese mustard
Bitter squash tempura
Soymeat in a tomato sauce
Steamed squash
Miso soup has a nice mushroom taste
Radish and potato steak
With plant milk


The restaurant may be hard to find so we have photo directions. At first, even we got lost, but we were kindly directed by a neighbor.
The view of the street from the alleyway you should go down
Continue down this path and turn right
You’ll see these stairs to climb
You’ve reached 木と季 (Kitoki – Trees and Seasons)
This is the entrance. Enjoy!

Price Range: ¥¥

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