The adventurous and hungry will not be disappointed by dining in this unique cave restaurant next to the Teotihuacan pyramids. The candlelit atmosphere and creative Mexican cuisine is sure to make your meal memorable. Whether you stay in the area or take the drive down from Mexico City, you’re in for a treat!

The best of Mexican cuisine is a feast for the senses. The smells of simmering beans and fresh corn, the sights of vibrant colors from freshly squeezed limes to heaps of finely chopped cilantro, and the layers of delicate flavors in dishes such as guacamole with its zesty mix of green avocados, onions, jalapeños, and fresh coriander. With a small, but delicious vegan menu, you won’t go hungry. This restaurant offers diners an opportunity to share in its indigenous history by placing your candle on the stairway. The ambient lighting and the cool temperature makes one feel like they are on a different planet. Enjoy a meal here and leave your troubles behind.

Price Range: $$$

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