Saishoku Kenbi

This gem of a restaurant feels like a calm space in a sea of chaos. The restaurant is tucked away down some back streets in Okubo, Tokyo’s bustling Koreatown. Making the eatery even more of a secret find, you’ll have to enter the gates of a religious association to get to it. You’ll know you’re in the right place after passing a number of exquisite Buddhist statues.

The restaurant itself is clean and spacious. Any language barriers can be remedied with their detailed menu in the form of a mouthwatering photo book. Let them know your dietary preferences and enjoy these special dishes prepared for a healthy body and mind.

To have a meal here is not expensive, considering its delicious and wholesome quality. The real expense will come when you stock up on on their vegan-friendly groceries. They even sell their skewers and dumplings which were our absolute favorite!

Skewer grilled soybean meat glazed with a special Saishoku Kenbi sauce!
Okara-konnyaku grilled skewers (top) are made with soy beans and konnyaku potatoes. As a bonus, it’s also high in fiber and low in calories!
Mapo Tofu Bowl – a Sichuan flavored sweet and hot seasoned tofu and vegetables dish. The sauce base is made from chilis and sweet beans.
Make sure you order the thin noodles (vegan)
Veggie Dumplings filled with juicy veggies
Tofu-Kabayaki-Don – broiled tofu paste dipped in sweet soy sauce

Price Range: ¥

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