Titchai is quite easily one of the best Thai restaurants we’ve been to in Japan. The food takes longer to prepare, but all good things come with time, right? It’s definitely best to reserve a table beforehand as it’s very popular. On a regular weeknight this intimate and eccentric eatery filled up within 5 minutes of opening!

Everything on the extensive menu can be veganized, though there’s an additional charge of 200 Yen per dish. The owner speaks English and will ask about your food preferences and answer any questions you might have. One of the most important questions she will ask is if you like your food spicy. Believe us, she’s not referring to a splash of Sriracha. If you give her the ‘OK’, your food will be loaded up to the brim with delicious peppers to complement the savory flavors on your plate. For us, it was perfect, but we caution the faint-of-heart and spice-intolerant. Eating at Titchai will not be a quick meal by any means, but it will definitely be the highlight of your day.

Pad-ki-mao (spicy fried noodles)
Thai iced tea with soy milk and syrup
Green Papaya Salad
Sticky Rice
Green Tofu Curry
Coconut Ice Cream
Coconut rice pudding
Read into your fortune while you wait

Price Range: ¥¥¥

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