Holistic Bio Cafe Veggy Way

Next to Maruyama Park, there’s a special vegan restaurant which you will want to revisit again and again. And you’d better believe, we returned many times! Veggy Way blows you away in every regard, from the warm staff, to the modern, bright interior, to the filling and flavorful food.

The eatery is often filled with customers around prime lunch hours. Vegans and non-vegans alike will appreciate their full-bodied salads which look like they belong in an art gallery, their smoky mock teriyaki meat, and crunchy tempura potato wedges. What’s surprising is that they don’t even use alliums like onion or garlic for flavoring, yet everything still tastes really wonderful.

(above) Loaded Teriyaki Burger and (top) Teriyaki Bowl. The soy teriyaki meat has this black magic umami flavor. The texture is marbly and chewy and pairs well with both rice and a bun.
Mixed tempura potato wedges and karaage. Know that you can spice this to your preference. We always ordered it extra spicy.
The mother of all salads. It is really so much bigger than it looks. Very healthy, very shareable, but also very indulgent.
Zucchini pasta spirals done right.
The soft-serve sundae makes up for the fact that you’re running out of ice cream by having nice toppings like cornflakes gathered at the bottom. Are they still called toppings if they’re on the bottom?
The raw chocolate cake is like the Grand Canyon of chocolate. It’s like sheets of cake held together by a chocolate ganache.
All raw, all good.
Yes please.
Red bean with soft serve and matcha just pair so well. I wouldn’t have guessed.

Price Range: ¥¥

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