Sunny Place

It’s always sunny at Sunny Place! A meal at this quaint family-run restaurant will feel like a warm hug on a dreary day. The owner, Yumi, who took on the restaurant from her mother before her, is a true master in the kitchen. Aside from running one of the oldest plant-centric restaurants in Kyoto, she also has years of experience in the New York City restaurant scene. It shows, as everything is prepared fresh in front you and handcrafted with care and skill. If you’re in the vicinity of Kyoto University, be sure to stop by this intimate restaurant for a healthy and filling meal.

Daily dish – fried gluten, salad with vinaigrette of hummus and tahini, pickled carrots, mushrooms, and rice
Soy chai – nice and spicy
Daily smoothie – orange, strawberry, soymilk, and vegan yogurt

Price Range: ¥¥

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