Bells Nakameguro Hot Dog & Shake

From barbecues to picnics, hotdogs are a quick and easy choice that’s all the rage in urban centers these days.

The name ‘Bells’ is an English translation of the owner’s name and the small shop pays special homage to NYC where hotdogs are a city staple. To those of you who think a hotdog needs to be made from animal products to be delish, I say “Fuggedaboutit!” This hotdog shop is all you need.

At Bells you can make a custom hotdog or choose from one of the many creations they have on tap. There are a number of vegan toppings you can add to your sausage like vegan meat sauce, corn, or avocado. Get your order loaded with all the good stuff. You deserve it!

This is the original – Tomato, corn, lettuce, onion, sweet pepper, vegan mayo, and herbs. It was crunchy in all the right places.
Make your own custom hotdog with toppings like jalapeño, fried onions, and sweet peppers.
You can’t go wrong with a black sesame milkshake.

Price Range: ¥

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