Bird Watching

Known for its numerous breweries and whiskey distilleries, it’s no surprise that Sapporo has a pretty happening nightlife. In Susukino, the largest entertainment district north of Tokyo, you’ll find many places to drink – but what about to eat? Vegan bar-goers may be at a loss to find substantial small dishes or snacks to have with their drinks. At Bird Watching in Susukino, we were in luck.

Easily shareable and sufficiently greasy, the staff at Bird Watching made us a vegan version of a dish called Wappa Meshi. (Wappa refers to the wooden container and Meshi is a casual way to say ‘rice’.) The original version is usually made with chicken stock or dashi – but instead they used the broth for their in-house ratatouille dish and topped it with hearty veggies and herbs. Kick off the night right with this hot plant-based dish from Bird Watching. They’re more than willing to accommodate vegan friends.

The taste reminded us a little bit of paella
Nikka Whiskey and everything else you could drink in Sapporo

Price Range: ¥¥

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