Kiboko, which takes its name after the word for ‘hippo’ in Swahili, is a refreshing vegan restaurant and wine bar in Shinjuku. If you make it up the 4th floor walkup, you’ll reap the reward of beautiful views – and not to mention Naoko the owner’s hospitality. The service is very personal here and it feels as if you’re a special guest dining in her home.

The focus of the restaurant is not so much trendiness, but rather the celebration of tasty Japanese veggies and the positive effects they have on the health and beauty of the person consuming them. A vegan could only hope, right?

The dishes are small and light on the stomach. You’ll have to eat much more than a couple of meals here before you feel anything like their namesake animal.

A rich assortment of tastes and textures

This had a nice bread-like taste, even though the shape screams avocado.
A dainty cake dessert

Price Range: ¥¥

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