Universal Bakes and Cafe

This special bakery is proof that you don’t need eggs, butter, or milk to make amazing bread and pastries. If anyone insists, just send them here.

Universal Bakes and Cafe is the brainchild of the creators of Alaska Zwei in Meguro. They wanted to create a bakery specifically for vegans and it has really taken off, with locals and visitors alike flocking to their storefront.

Plan to go earlier rather than later, as they sell out very quickly. We went in the morning during one of their ‘experimental days’ where they test out new creations on hungry and discerning patrons.

The life of a taste-tester is so hard.

Vegetable Tartines with Glazes
The caramel bread is such a novel and tasty idea. It reminds me of the Breton kouign-amann.
If you stay for lunch, be sure to try their soup! This is full of veggies and legumes. We didn’t leave a drop.
The veggies all compliment each other very well. If you like corn, you’ll love this soup.
The coffee roll is a great take on the cinnamon roll. It’s very similar but has a nice coffee flavor to it.
The croissant seems to be whole wheat and tastes great
The French toast has a pleasant but faint taste of apple. There’s a nice crunch to it as well. It’s covered in candied nuts and the ice cream on top makes it even more delicious.

Price Range: ¥¥

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