Drinking and dining at Luce is nothing short of wonderful as the staff are both engaging and vegan-familar. They’ll make sure you have something tasty to eat while you drink the evening away with their expert selection of bio wines. They got creative with a wide array of vegetables to make some off-menu vegan dishes. Our friend even brought a squash to the restaurant and they agreed to fry it up for us! We hadn’t experienced a BYOV (bring your own veggies) restaurant yet, but Luce is surely ahead of the curve.

Olives, tomatoes, red peppers, dill, and bamboo shoots
Bring your own squash
Grilled goodness including mushrooms, eggplant, shishito peppers, potatoes, and zucchini
Grilled to perfection
They wine selection here is really rich. You’ll get a story behind every bottle.

Price Range: ¥¥

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