Mumokuteki Kyoto

This hub in downtown Kyoto makes vegan dining and consumption accessible for all. The ground floor is home to a bakery, health grocery, and sustainable clothing store. So know that if there’s ever a wait for the popular restaurant on the top floor, you can easily spend your time perusing the novelties downstairs.

With a wide, beautiful selection of food at the restaurant, we found it to be something of a vegan paradise. There are even some dishes for our gluten-free peeps! It’s also very family-friendly with a children’s section with books and toys.

There’s truly something for everyone here. Don’t wait to have a meal here and for goodness sake – do NOT skip dessert!

For the same delicious food and ambience, visit their location in Osaka!

Miso Cutlet made with okara konjac glazed with sweet miso sauce. What a healthy and crispy combo.
Dinner plate Okaraage (japanese fried ‘chicken’)
Matcha cheesecake made from cashew nuts and tofu in brown rice amazake. The bitter and sweet tastes are a match made in heaven.
These pancakes are made from spelt flour and custard. It’s topped with fresh fruit and soy milk soft serve.

Price Range: ¥¥

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