Kyushu Jangara Ramen

We actually traveled through Kyushu earlier this year. After not being able to find a single ramen spot with any vegan options, I’m overjoyed to see a nice, albeit small, selection of vegan ramens in Tokyo.

Ordering your ramen is a very no-fuss experience. You choose your dish from the menu, pay, and then have a seat at the small seating for either 1 or 2 people.

All of the locations have a distinct feel to them. The Harajuku location is a bit larger with windows onto a main street while the Akihabara loacation has that intriguing hole-in-the-wall feel. All were inviting and gave us the most comforting bowl of ramen we could ask for – with no qualms when we asked for a noodle top-up!


(above) Vege Ramen with soy sauce soup
Vege Ramen with Yuzu base
Vege Ramen with Garlic Oil base (FAVORITE)

Price Range: ¥






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