Queen Sheba

Have you ever been to a restaurant that made you want to dance in your dining chair? If so, you might have been to Queen Sheba in Meguro. From the moment we set foot in the joint, the aromas, the decor, the festive mood, and not to mention the rhythmic music fully entranced us. We were quick to order the vegan-friendly set meal and enjoy the sensory ride.

At Queen Sheba, every meal is a celebration. You don’t just go to this restaurant. It completely pulls you in. You become the celebration – and at the end of the meal, you can hardly bear to leave.

Injera (steamed) and Dabo (spiced)
Aterkik wot: a puree of lentils stirred with red pepper sauce.
Yatakilt wot: a vegetable mixture of carrots, cabbages, with turmeric sauce
Gomen wot: spinach prepared with onion, potato, and garlic in vegetable oil
Aromatic Ethiopian coffee – a tradition that goes back dozens of centuries

Price Range: ¥¥

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