Wired Bonbon

On the 6th floor of Lumine 1 in Shinjuku, there’s a well-hidden paradise for those of us with a perpetually aching sweet tooth. It’s easy to be tempted by Tokyo’s many beautiful desserts only to discover that they contain milk and eggs. Not here! At Wired Bonbon, you can delight in having grand parfaits, soft serve, truffle fries, and fruity cocktails. Treat yourself to these confections presented like works of art.

Cotton candy parfait with fresh strawberries
Thin and crunchy truffle fries. You can see the skin on the ends of the fries.
Seasonal Fall Mont Blanc Parfait
Fresh fruity lemonades
So floral!
The pink lemonade had chewy sweet and tart bits mixed in

Price Range: ¥¥

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