Café Chienoki (知恵の木)

When traveling to Sapporo, many people visit Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill with the figure of Dr. William Smith Clark pointing outwards giving his nationally famed parting speech – “Boys, be ambitious!” Dr. Clark made a profound and lasting impact in the agricultural development of Hokkaido. That positive agricultural impact is evident in nearby organic eateries like Café Chienoki.

Once a mere garage, Noah and his wife Yoshiko converted the space to its cosy, contemporary form and started the cafe in 2003, basing the food on the positive effects of Macrobiotics. They also have a physical therapy practice next door as well as a health foods store. All in all, this is truly an establishment to treat your body and soul.

(above) The vegetable pizza is like a delicious salad atop a flatbread. The base is covered with an olive tapenade as well as a green veggie paste.
(top) These veggies came with a nice gray salsa, adding some tanginess to the crunch. It has a hummus/pesto like quality to it.
Veggie patty with a sweet and savory glaze
Miso Soup
The centerpiece to the five dishes on this plate, is firm soy with a sticky glaze. The top is from fresh tomato (not sun-dried).
Seaweed salad
Brown rice onigiri with tart plum
The serving of squash is soft with a slight sulfuric flavor
Soy yogurt
Peach cream cake – refreshing and not overly sweet at all

Price Range: ¥¥

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