Base Island Kitchen

If you were stuck on a desert island – as the question goes – you’d definitely want to bring the chef of Base Island Kitchen! With a varied menu and every dish packed with flavor, you’ll want to keep coming back to this cozy and casual restaurant with an island feel. With only bar tables, you’ll get to witness all the culinary magic up close and personal. The vegan craft jerk burger is a very popular choice. Many vegan menu items are served tapas style, so it’s best to order a bunch of dishes to sample with a friend. The raw, colorful cakes are noteworthy too, with many patrons coming in just to order them to-go.

Jerk vegan craft burger – Natural yeast bamboo charcoal bun, seasonal salad greens, yellow mustard, homemade jerk sauce, tofu cheesy cream
Vegan tapas
Stuffed shiitake mushroom gratin croquette
Taro potato fritters with tofu cheese
Avocado and seaweed nuggets
Organic radish chopped salad
Jerk fried tofu
Organic dragon peppers with cumin
Salad with toasted chips
Raw blueberry chocolate cake
Raw apple cake

Price Range: ¥

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