Cafe Goryo

A scenic getaway facing the fields, farmland, and mountains of Furano, Cafe Goryo is full of rustic character and charm. The space was a farm house 80+ years ago, but it has since been refurbished and converted into a bustling 2-floor cafe and guesthouse.

The menu is vegetarian-friendly, but they will gladly modify the meal sets to make them vegan. The locally-sourced produce was excellent, and because of this, we didn’t feel like we were missing out at all. We were also sure to take some freshly-baked bagels to go. It was great to have those on the road later to remind us of this amazing cafe.

(above) Savory vegetable panini
(top) Chilli with soy chunks, coriander, tomatoes, mushrooms, and beans
This blueberry soda was incredibly refreshing
Salted grilled veggies on the panini
Salad with a tangy dressing
There are goods for sale towards the front of the store
The upstairs section is more peaceful and secluded
The front reminds me of a cute country schoolhouse
The scenic seats looking out on nature

Price Range: ¥¥

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