Oko Okonomiyaki

So we stumbled upon this gem of an eatery late one night thanks to a comical street sign with the text: “Looking for Vegan Okonomiyake?” and an arrow pointing to the second floor of a lit establishment across the street. Did they know we were coming and that we were relentlessly searching all of Osaka for exactly this?! (Thanks Ranma.) In any case I applaud their effective street marketing that led us to a meal we will forever drool about.

There’s a menu just for vegans where you can select your own toppings and sauces. We were so very happy they had vegan mayo, which is not always the case! Thinking about this meal is enough to make us want to hop on the next flight back to Osaka. Can you blame us?

Vegan Yakisoba with crunchy spring onions and veggies
Perfect Comfort Food – potatoes on top of Okonomiyake makes this a unique favorite
Savory, sweet, soft, crunchy. This plate holds it all.
Self-serve drink station
Edemame while you wait

Price Range: ¥

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